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Top 4 penthouses in Marbella


Penthouses are the epitome of luxury living; offering both breathtaking views and a spacious layout, but they are nothing without a spectacular city that offers itself up as a breathtaking background. It goes without saying that Marbella is one of the best places to have a penthouse as not only does it offer brilliant sea views, vibrant nightlife, and a relaxed way of life, but it is also renowned for the luxurious lifestyle that it offers to those that live there. In this article, we are going...

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10 Best Things to Do in Puerto Banus


Puerto Banus has many attractions. Tourists are often so impressed, they decide to become permanent residents. At Questates, we regularly help ex-pats start a new, exciting life in Puerto Banus. Here are a few of the activities you can enjoy.

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The best properties to work from home in Costa del Sol


As we get ever closer to the 2-year mark since the pandemic started, the way that we work has been revolutionized and we can see that remote working is here to stay. Due to this, you might have found yourself with a new level of freedom that you didn’t have before. No longer do you have to catch a train to go to the same office every day and then commute back to a home that you barely spend any time in. Now you are in control of when and, most importantly, where you work.

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How to obtain Spanish Golden Visa for non EU citizens from other countries.


During the pandemic, many people have moved out of the office to work from home. There are different priorities on where to live and how to improve your living quality, elevate your mood and have a bigger private exterior space like a terrace and garden to enjoy safely being outside with family. Costa del Sol, South of Spain, has many advantages in that regard, and many foreigners are already buying properties to benefit from it. Malaga, including Marbella, Puerto Banus, and Estepona, is called...

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5 Exclusive sea front apartments in Costa del Sol


The motivation for most of the tens-of-thousands of ex-pats to live in the Costa del Sol is to enjoy the superb climate, fabulous food and have access to the sea and beaches. It should not be forgotten that this area of Spain also has the highest concentration of golf courses in Europe. The choice of quality accommodation is very wide-ranging, here are a few properties which are currently available.

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Fuengirola Castle: Sohail


Sohail Castle is currently one of the most emblematic monuments of the city of Fuengirola. In its surroundings are celebrated every year some of the most famous cultural activities and events of the Fuengirolean calendar, as well as numerous concerts and performances.

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How to Sell Your House in Costa del Sol


Selling your home in Costa del Sol involves a great deal of paperwork. It's helpful if you assemble what you need before advertising your property. At Questates, we'll make the procedure easy. We also have home selling tips that can help you achieve an even faster sale.

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Costa del Sol: Quality of a Mediterranean Lifestyle


There are currently around 40,000 ex-pats living in Costa del Sol. It's the most popular European region for people seeking a higher quality of life. When you relocate to Costa del Sol, you'll enjoy a superior Mediterranean lifestyle. It's perfect for any age group and enriches every aspect of your daily life.

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Profitability on Property Renting in Marbella


Many investors have realized how profitable it can be to rent out property in Marbella. It's a beautiful location with unique scenery, modern amenities and a superb selection of luxury villas and apartments. There are currently many incentives to encourage the Malaga property market to make a full recovery following the disruption of COVID-19. It could be the perfect time to invest in property in Costa del Sol and earn a very profitable income from renting it out.

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La Zagaleta, the most exclusive urbanization in Europe


La Zagaleta is one of the most luxurious and safe urbanizations in Europe, and it is located in the municipality of Benahavis, in the province of Malaga. The concept by which we now know this urbanization was born in the early 90's, and since then it is a reference throughout Europe.

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Why Costa del Sol is One of the Best Places to Invest in Property in 2021


There has been strong real estate investment in Costa del Sol for more than twenty years. But 2021 could be one of the best years ever. The impact of COVID-19 seems to be reduced and travel restrictions are finally ending. Investors can once again enter the property market in Costa del Sol

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Sotogrande: Privacy, Tranquility and Luxury, just 40 Minutes from Marbella


The towns of Costa del Sol are famous for their luxury lifestyle. But the most exclusive of them all is Sotogrande. It is on the hills of Cadiz province overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the Straits of Gibraltar. Sotogrande has everything you need for leisure and relaxation. There are championship golf courses, incredible shops, fine restaurants, spas and beauty therapies. It's a peaceful haven where you can enjoy your favorite pastimes in complete privacy. And best of all, Sotogra...

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Sierra Nevada, A Ski Paradise within Driving Distance of Marbella


Marbella is the perfect location for a luxury lifestyle. It has elegant, spacious apartments, glamorous shopping centres, a marina and incredible scenery. You can play golf all the year round because the weather is always sunny and warm. And best of all, you can even go skiing! It seems unbelievable that Marbella on the Mediterranean coast is the best place to live if you love skiing, but it's true. You can easily spend some time on the beach before driving to the exhilarating ski slopes of Sier...

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7 Marbella Outdoor Activities


Marbella has more than 320 days of warm sunshine throughout the year. Even in January there's a comfortable temperature of eleven or twelve degrees Celsius. The climate is often one of the main reasons why ex-pats relocate to the Costa del Sol. At Questates, we are always helping people to purchase a luxury apartment or villa near Marbella's famous golf courses. Golf is very popular, but there are many more outdoor activities you can enjoy in Marbella.

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5 Spectacular Properties for a Second Residence


Many people living in countries such as the United Kingdom hope to purchase a second home in Marbella. An apartment or villa in the beautiful area of the Costa del Sol lets you enjoy the warm Spanish sun instead of staying in your first home during the cold winter months. Questates of Marbella have been successfully helping people find second residences for many years. Here's a selection of properties that are available now.   1. Apartment - Nueva Andalucía This comf...

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Best properties in Marbella to work from home


COVID-19 is still causing severe problems around the world, forcing many of us to work from home. It can sometimes be awkward adapting to a different arrangement, but why not look upon it as an opportunity to plan for the future? When you work remotely, you are actually free to complete your tasks in almost any location. At Questates, we can easily help you find properties in Puerto Banus that are perfect for working from home. And when the virus has finally been defeated, you'll have a beautifu...

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How to Virtually Visit a Property


The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause widespread disruption resulting in a series of lockdowns in Spain and many other countries around the world. Travel restrictions have prevented people visiting Marbella to look for a beautiful luxury villa or apartment. Yet the property market on the Costa del Sol is eager to continue moving forward. Vendors still want to try and sell their properties and prospective buyers are determined to keep planning for the day when they can relocate to...

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Where to Get Your Holiday Residence


Buying a second home in a popular tourist area can be a profitable long-term investment. You can use it as inexpensive accommodation for your own relaxing holidays, but you can also earn an additional income through renting it out as a holiday let. You'll gain a high degree of financial security, as property can usually be relied upon to improve in value over time. In recent years, the luxury sector in particular has seen annual property prices increase by an average of nineteen percent. However...

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How to Invest in the Real Estate Market in Marbella


How to Invest in the Real Estate Market in Marbella   Investing in real estate is one of the most effective ways to increase your personal wealth. Analytical data consistently shows that property generally increases in the long-term. Factors such as fluctuating interest rates often result in a sudden decline in property prices, but the real estate market is a resilient one. It usually has the strength and vigour to regain its former position within a few months. Even the negative effe...

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Why Count on a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Home


With so many convenient online portals offering real estate listings, potential buyers are often tempted to deal directly with the sellers rather than appoint an agent of their own. It can appear to be a solution that produces fast results in purchasing a dream home on the Costa del Sol while saving money that can be put towards the price of the property. However, there are many positive advantages to be gained in appointing a qualified real estate agent to act on your behalf when purchasing a b...

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5 Beach Line Properties You Can Find in Marbella Area


Are you looking to live the luxury life in Marbella? Look no more because, at Questates, we provide the luxury and the high-quality dream home you have been looking for. We have many different properties in our catalogue, the best being the beach line properties. These properties give you spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and access to some of Marbella's most beautiful resorts. Looking for a beach line property in Marbella, here are five options for you.

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Vacancy: Real Estate Agent at the Costa del Sol


We are busy real estate company situated in Puerto Banus-Marbella, looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, experienced real estate agent, who speaks Dutch, English ( also Spanish would be a big advantage) and knows the area of Marbella, Costa del Sol. We offer commission from the sales/rentals, company car, too. A suitable candidate will be in charge sales/rental and listings. Questates is active in the property market on the Costa del Sol with a focus on Marbella and surroundings. Our p...

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11 reasons why you want to live in Marbella!


Our certified property consultants have written a helpful guide with tips and reasons about why you want to live in Marbella!  You can download our guide ''11 reasons why you want to live in Marbella" for FREE here. 

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7 steps till your Spanish dreamhouse!


Dreaming of a property in Spain? Then you definitely don't want to miss our free eBook '7 steps till your Spanish dreamhouse'. This guide has been carefully made by our certified property consultants and will help you in the preparation of buying a property in Spain. You’ll learn everything about the proces which starts when you have found the property of your dreams. Download our FREE eBook here!

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Successful Spanish night!


Tapas, live music and a clear presentation about Spanish real estate and property taxes. Those were the ingredients of our Spanish night yesterday in Kalmthout, Belgium. Together with Allure Real Estate we've organized this free evening for people who are interested in buying a house in Spain. Thank you all for coming and we hope you've gained a lot of inspiration!  Interested in receiving information as well? Send an email to 

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Questates present on Second Home Expo


The 22th and 23th of September we will be present at the Second Home Belgium Expo in Brussels. Are you looking for a second home in Marbella, Spain?

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Marbella Golden Mile


Marbella Golden Mile is one of the most exclusive and luxurious areas of the city. It was a project of the builder Pedro Rodríguez and has different developments. If by something it is defined, it is for being a calm zone and very guarded. The Golden Mile is located in an area very close to the central axis of the city, only 10 minutes away, but without being in the center. It is at the foot of La Concha, the symbolic mountain of Marbella, so many families and couples seeking tranquili...

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Historical Heritage of the Costa del Sol


The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. It is a perfect settlement for many different types of vacation packages. We have from golf tourism, health tourism and beach tourism, to people traveling to the Costa del Sol to live the atmosphere and the night parties or families with small children who come to enjoy their holidays. However, in the province of Malaga and specifically on the Costa del Sol we have a very valuable and very interesting historical herit...

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How to buy in Spain


Questates is already on the web How to Buy in Spain, a fantastic source of information for foreigners who want to buy a home in Spain and need help to do so. Why is this website so useful? Precisely because it was created by foreigners who bought houses in Spain and there they learned all the necessary steps for the purchase of the house, from the search of properties to the signature of the buy-sell. If you browse the website you will find that you don’t only have information about...

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Equestrian Art School Costa del Sol


The Equestrian School of the Costa del Sol, located in the municipality of Estepona, is one of the most prestigious equestrian centers in Spain. The recognition has been obtained thanks to the professionalism of the people who work there and the teaching method they use with the students. The School of Equestrian Art has the prestigious certification of the British Horse Society and is officially recognized, with the qualification of 4 stirrups, by the Andalusian Federation of Equestrian....

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Bonsai Museum of Marbella


The Bonsai Museum of Marbella is one of the great unknowns of the province. Few people know the existence of this museum, located in an enclosure in the Park of the Dam. It is a space of about 1,000 squares that belongs to the businessman Miguel Ángel García (now his son Rodrigo García is the director), thanks to an administrative concession that he has owned for more than 20 years. The Bonsai Museum of Marbella was founded in 1992 and was the first Bonsai Museum in Spain. T...

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Cinemas in original version in la Costa del Sol and Malaga


Spain is one of the few countries in Europe where films are doubled, so we are used to going to the movies and watching Spanish films. However, in most countries around the world they watch the movies in the original version, that is, they watch the film in the language that has been originally recorded and follow it on their language through subtitles. This is something that many tourists do not know and when they come to Spain they find that they cannot see most of the cinema billboard beca...

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What are the hidden defects of a property and how to complain


We call hidden defects or latent defects to the problems that we find in a house when we buy it, which at first sight, before the signing of the contract, did not exist or were not appreciated. Normally, before signing the deeds of a home, you need to do all the necessary checks to know that the property is in the same conditions as the seller has indicated. By law, the seller must take care of those hidden defects of the house, as long as these damages represent a real problem to make use...

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What is a Real Estate Deposit Agreement? | Questates


What is the deposit agreement? When a purchase and sale of a property is going to take place, the two parties usually sign what is called a deposit agreement or bilateral preliminary sales agreement. This is a private contract in which the owner and the buyer agree to buy and sell a property, and for this, a sum of money is given as a sign or reservation of the house. That money is a proof as a guarantee of the commitment made, that is, of the will of the buyer to acquire the property....

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Benahavis, an ideal place to live in la Costa del Sol


Benahavís is one of the most unknown and at the same time most beautiful villages in the interior area of ​​the Costa del Sol. Despite being a mountain town, it is only 7 kilometers from the beach, making it the perfect place to live, since it brings together the best of the villages in full nature and the best of the coastal municipalities. In addition to its fantastic situation, Benahavis has many and very good services, among which are the hotels and, above all, the golf courses, wh...

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Puerto Banus, the ninth most visited shopping area in Spain


La Costa del Sol is in fashion for many reasons. The climate is one of them, since Marbella and the surrounding municipalities enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year and mild temperatures, about 19 degrees annual average. Golf is also another attraction in the area, as the Costa del Sol has some of the best golf courses in Andalusia and Spain. Specifically, the best golf course in the national territory, the Valderrama golf course, is located in Sotogrande. But the latest data suggest...

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Why once bought my house the Treasury makes me pay more?


The crisis in the real estate sector has affected both buyers and sellers in many ways. But it has also had positive consequences for both parties, especially for buyers, who after the bursting of the housing bubble, have benefited from really low prices that were unthinkable before the crisis. The recession has caused the prices of properties for sale to plummet, so those who had money at that time have taken advantage to buy houses, because they knew that when we recovered from the crisis c...

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What information should a rental agreement contain?


The need to sign fast, pressure, lack of time ... sometimes lead us to sign contracts that we are not even sure they contain all the necessary information. Even many times we sign without reading all the conditions and without taking into account all the clauses that the contract contains. Big mistake. Many of the problems of tenant-owner relations appear because the rental agreement has not been structured properly. First of all, it should be clear that a home rental agreement is a formal...

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Selling a property in the Costa del Sol now costs half the time


The real estate market in the Costa del Sol is improving by leaps and bounds. According to data from consultancy Aguirre Newman, the time it takes to sell a property in the Costa del Sol has dropped by more than 50% in the last year, until May 2016. Housing marketing time has dropped significantly in the last year, since it has gone from 104 to 52 months in the case of multi-family housing (May 2014-May 2015). For single-family homes, the average term has been reduced from 54 months to 22, in...

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The demand for luxury housing has increased by 80% in three years


In this article we talk about the rise in demand for luxury homes and the increase in both demand and prices, especially in the Costa del Sol.

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The costs of buying a new home


Buying a home involves a number of additional costs to be taken into account. In this article we tell you what are the major expenses that will have to face if you buy a new house.

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What happens when you buy a home with a mortgage?


In this article we talk about how homes are bought with bank financing and what are the expenses when using this type of purchase.

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Costa del Sol = Costa del Golf


Do you know what are the 10 best golf courses on the Costa del Sol? You can discover it in this article.

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