Questates - Sale

You sell

  • We calculate a suitable price. As potential buyers are increasingly price conscious and critical, a realistic selling price is important.
  • Your property must immediately attract potential buyers. We provide a professional description of your property with exclusive photos. We advertise your property in our window and
  • We only bring you in contact with potential buyers. We check whether their search criteria and budget is according to your property in order to avoid unnecessary visits.
  • If it appears that the bidder is eligible for your property, we send him a professional tour with the necessary technical, legal and financial advice.
  • Is there further interest in which the bidder intends to proceed with the purchase, we will assist you in the negotiations with the aim of obtaining a correct price for your property.
  • After the signing of the sale we offer legal assistance for the execution of the deed at the notary. Afterwards we assist you with the necessary administrative actions such as termination or transfer of the utilities.