7 Marbella Outdoor Activities


Marbella has more than 320 days of warm sunshine throughout the year. The best condition to practice outdoor activities in Marbella. Even in January there's a comfortable temperature of eleven or twelve degrees Celsius. The climate is often one of the main reasons why ex-pats relocate to the Costa del Sol. At Questates, we are always helping people to purchase a luxury apartment or villa near Marbella's famous golf courses. Golf is very popular, but there are many more outdoor activities you can enjoy in Marbella.


1. Sailing - Marbella Activities

Everyone loves to take a pleasure trip in a yacht with sails. It's so peaceful out on the Mediterranean Sea as the yacht is powered by the sea breezes. Most sailing trips last for up to three hours and take you a few miles along the coast towards Puerto Banus. There are wonderful views of the coastline and the villages near Marbella. The yachts can usually accommodate up to eight or ten passengers.

Sailing - Marbella Activities

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2. Walking and Cycling Tours - Marbella Activities

It's fun to explore the Old Town of Marbella especially when you join an organized tour. Your guide will keep you entertained with tales and legends as you visit some of the most well-known attractions. The tour usually includes secluded streets around the Plaza de los Naranjos and the peaceful Alameda Park. You'll also see some of the beautiful old churches such as the Capilla de San Juan de Dios.

Cycling tours - Marbella Activities

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3. Golf

Everyone loves to play golf in Marbella. There are more than 100 parkland and coastal golf courses in the Costa del Sol. They all have high-quality greens and magnificent scenery. Golf in Marbella provides so many exciting challenges for novices and experienced players. You'll discover nine-hole and eighteen-hole courses designed by world-famous golf architects. You can even play in the middle of the night at La Dama de Noche, thanks to a special lighting system.

Golf Marbella

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4. Hiking in the Mountains - Marbella Activities

There are many walking and hiking trails in the foothills of La Concha mountain. They are suitable for all abilities, families and experienced hikers. Some trails go through forests of Monterey pines and chestnut trees where there are birds, butterflies and wild goats. You can admire incredible, panoramic views of the surrounding area including Gibraltar and the coastline of North Africa.

Hiking at the mountains - Marbella Activities

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Another way to enjoy a fascinating view of Marbella is to go parasailing. You travel a short distance out to sea in a boat, then your large parasail lifts you up to eighty meters into the air. It can be very exhilarating as the boat guides your parasail along the coast. Most parasails are designed to hold two or three people. The minimum age for parasailing is eight years.



6. Canyoning

You can enjoy an exciting canyoning tour any month of the year. The most popular area is the Guadalmina Gorge near Marbella and Benahavis. The scenery around the river is spectacular. There are caverns, rugged pathways of rocks through the river and steep cliffs. Every tour has an experienced guide and safety equipment is provided. Canyoning is for all abilities and age groups.


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7. Whale and Dolphin Watching

There are many boat trips that sail from Marbella towards Gibraltar. It's here that the Mediterranean Sea begins to merge with the Atlantic Ocean. The waters are rich with marine wildlife that hungry dolphins and whales like to feed on. You can often see beautiful creatures such as the Harbor porpoise, Striped dolphin, Pilot whales and Orcas. The sea views are also amazing.

Whale watching

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