How to obtain Spanish Golden Visa for non EU citizens from other countries.


During the pandemic, many people have moved out of the office to work from home. There are different priorities on where to live and how to improve your living quality, elevate your mood and have a bigger private exterior space like a terrace and garden to enjoy safely being outside with family. Costa del Sol, South of Spain, has many advantages in that regard, and many foreigners are already buying properties to benefit from it. Malaga, including Marbella, Puerto Banus, and Estepona, is called the California of Europe because it has many similarities. You can enjoy a magnificent location known for its delicate climate, typically Mediterranean with pleasant temperatures all year round, its wide kilometers of beaches and mountains through all the coast, close distance to many golf courses. And in addition, there is a great health system and international schools for children. It makes living for foreigners very comfortable. Here are large communities from all different countries where you won't feel lonely or an outsider because you are a foreigner and everywhere you can speak English. If you do not speak Spanish, no worries, you will get along just fine.

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The only drawback you might think is how I will get to stay in Spain for a longer time when I need a travel visa to apply, and it is a lot of hassle. The good news is that since 2013 after the crisis Spanish government has required foreign investors to save the economy, especially in Costa del Sol, and introduced the Golden Visa scheme that allows non-EU citizens, including now from the UK after Brexit investors, also it is super attractive to the many US and Latin American investors due to their geographic proximity to North and South America continent. The big countries in which this residence permit has gained the most popularity are Russia and China.

However, people from the Middle East, Venezuela, and Lebanon register the renowned activity with this visa.

Their main motivation? Buying a home in Spain is a good place to invest their assets, and getting a Golden Visa avoids most of the unnecessary obstacles to enjoy life in Spain and hassle free traveling.


You are wondering what offers a Spanish Golden Visa?

In short, the golden visa is applied to citizens from outside the European Union who would like to invest in Spain as a possibility to obtain their residency.

Visa allows you to live in Spain for more than 90 consecutive days within a year; if you prefer you also can stay all year round.


Can you travel in Europe with a Spanish Golden Visa?

Yes, Because Spain belongs to the European Union, a Spanish Golden Visa allows you and your family members to travel through Schengen Zone free for up to three months within every six months. Generally, you will be treated the same as a Spanish national on entering and exiting the country without all the distressing border control hassle that annoys people so much. Also, there are other benefits: you will be treated the same as a Spanish national on entering and exiting the country without all the distressing border control hassle that annoys people so much. Also, there are other benefits: you will be treated the same as a Spanish national on entering and exiting the country without all the distressing border control hassle that annoys people so much.


Also, there are other benefits:

● You do not have to live in Spain to renew the residence permit – but you can live in Spain if you prefer.

● You can live and work in Spain legally.

● You can bring your family members with you including spouse, children, and parents who are dependent on you

● You and your family members will have access to state health care and schooling. Schengen Countries list you can travel to: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland (not a European Union Member State), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein (not a European Union Member State), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway (not a European Union Member State), Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss (not a European Union Member State).


How to get a Golden Visa in Spain?

The easiest way to receive a Golden Visa is through investing in real estate a minimum of 500,000 €, and you and your direct family members like spouse, children, and parents will get the Spanish residence.


Let's get into the details of how it works.

How do I start the process?

To begin the Golden Visa/Residency Permit process, you must first purchase properties for the amount of 500,000.00€ or more. You will need the purchase agreement(s) and the deed(s) to prove that you have invested.

In addition to the Investment, you must also fulfill the following requirements:

● Be over 18 years of age

● Do not have a criminal record in Spain or in the countries where a person has lived for the past five years.

● Obtain a health insurance policy with an insurance company who is authorized to operate in Spain.

● You should have sufficient financial resources for yourself and the members of your families during your stay in Spain.

After you have arranged your investment you can apply for a visa application to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your area. You must be committed to making the Investment at the time of application, but the Investment does not necessarily need to be completed.

You can apply yourself or through an authorized representative, such as a lawyer. It is not necessary to stay in Spain to apply for a Golden Visa. You can do it through the embassy or consulate in your country, although you will have to travel to Spain before the visa application first to organize your Investment. When you receive your Spain Golden Visa, you will have to travel to Spain to exchange it for a residence permit together with presenting your biometric information like a passport.

How Long is the Spanish Golden Visa Valid?

There are two steps to this process. First, you obtain the visa; it is a stamp issued by a Spanish Consulate in your passport. It permits you to travel to Spain, with numerous entries and exits, for one year. Within this year's period, you will have to travel to Spain to apply for your residency permit. You must apply for this in Spain.


How long does Spain's Golden Visa residence permit last?

The initial Residence Permit is granted for two years. After that, assuming the investor still complies with all other requirements like having the property of value 500,000 € or above, a 5-year permit can be obtained, which is very fast and easy.

After that, it can be renewed indefinitely every five years. The investor only has to visit Spain at least once before each permit expires to apply for a renewal.


How long do I have to stay in Spain to retain my Golden Visa?

You only have to visit Spain once to get or renew the Residence Permit. There is no minimum time requirement to live in Spain, also you are not obliged to become a fiscal resident.

However, if you intend to apply for permanent residence, you must live in Spain for at least five years without interruption (at least six months out of the year). If you want to apply for Spanish citizenship, you have to live in Spain for at least ten years.


Which family members can be added in the Spain Golden Visa?

The following family members you can add in the Spain Golden Visa:

● Your spouse or person with an analogous effective relationship

● Children under the age of 18.

● Children who are not minors but are still dependent due to any health or mental conditions, being financially dependent on the holder, have not formed a family unit for themselves

● Dependent elderly parents.


Can I get a Spanish passport by Investment?

Yes, Spain's Investor Visa is a pathway to citizenship, as long as you live in Spain for at least ten years. The process of becoming a resident of Spain through Investment is very straightforward. To receive a passport, you must live in Spain for at least six months out of the year for ten years.

Also, there are other requirements for obtaining Spanish citizenship, such as knowing the basics of the Spanish language and history. A Spanish passport opens up access to the EU job market and free travel to over a hundred countries.


If I buy a property through a company, can I still get a Golden Visa?

Yes. Investment can also be made through a company, as long as the company is not based in a tax haven. Only requirement is to prove that you, directly or indirectly, maintain the majority of the voting rights and have the ability to dismiss or appoint the majority of the board directors. It needs to be demonstrated through official documents such as your company's articles of incorporation. These documents should be confirmed by notary and translated into Spanish.

Buy a property through a company


Is It Possible to Get a Loan to Apply for a Spanish Golden Visa?

If a property that you purchase is worth more than €500,000, you can use financing and loans to pay for the amount above €500,000.


Is It Possible to Make a Joint Investment to Get a Spain Investment Visa?

Even if you make a joint investment or purchase, each individual Investment must meet the minimum requirements. In this case, if you decide to purchase a property together as a joint investment, each involved person has to pay €500,000 to be qualified for the Golden Visa.


Are transaction costs for example taxes included in the investment threshold of €500,000?

The short answer is no, meaning you have to spend €500,000, not including tax and expenses.


What taxes and transaction costs will I have to pay?

It depends on the property type and where it is located. In general, you pay VAT for purchase of new properties and a transfer tax (ITP) on buying resale properties. You will also have to pay notary and registry fees, stamp duty.


Is it possible to invest in several properties with a combined value of €500,000 or above, to obtain a Spanish Golden Visa?

You can buy several properties for less than €500,000 value, assuming combined value is €500,000 or more.


Can I rent out the property I buy?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the legal use of the property. And we at Questates can help you rent and look after your property because we specialize in renting properties, in addition to buying and selling a house in Marbella or other areas in Costa del Sol.


What kind of property can I buy?

You can buy residential property, commercial property, or land.


Can I sell the property?

Yes of course, you can sell the property, as long as you re-invest €500,000 in another Spanish property you can renew your Residence Permit.


Can I Lose My Residence Permit?

Yes, if you cannot prove you still have your Investment in Spain, you will lose your Golden Visa Residence Permit. For example, if you liquidate your Investment or sell your property.


What kind of health insurance do I need to have in Spain?

Suppose you are a citizen of a country outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland. In that case, you must find out whether there exists a mutual health provision agreement between the Social Security system of your government and Spain.

Suppose you do not fall into any of the above categories or cannot give proof of the document issued by the relevant national authority of your country, then before departure. In that case, you must take out private medical insurance to cover the whole stay in Spain.

However, if you have a labor contract in Spain, you will automatically have the national health cover.


Should my children go to a state school while in Spain when I have a Golden Visa?

Yes, and in Spain, it is mandatory to have a scholarship for children under 16.


Spain Golden Visa and Taxes

If you spend less than 183 days a year in Spain, meaning you are not a full-time resident in Spain, you can avoid fiscal residence, and you do not have to declare your worldwide assets or pay income tax in Spain. The option to prevent fiscal residence is one of the big attractions of this new law. You only will pay taxes related to owning property in Spain, such as rental income tax and municipal taxes or any other income obtained in Spain.

You are considered a Spanish resident only if you live in the country for more than half the year - more than 183 days.


Can Nationals From Former Spanish Colonies Get Citizenship sooner?

Yes, if you are from a previous Spanish colony (see the list of following countries), you can get Spanish citizenship in as little as two years of residence as opposed to ten:





Costa Rica


Dominican Republic


El Salvador









If you are from one of these countries and obtain a Golden Visa, you can become a Spanish citizen in two years, you should travel to Spain at least eight times within that period.


NEW: Spanish government easies Golden Visa requirements

The Spanish Supreme Court has reduced the conditions for non-EU foreigners to obtain Spanish residency. Before, the golden visa was only granted to a person who bought a home already built for a value of 500,000€ or above; now it allows foreign investors to develop or build their own home on the previously purchased land.


What is your advice on investing in property?

It depends on your needs and the state of the housing market. We at Questates can help you with professional real estate advice on buying based on your particular needs and circumstances. We have real estate agents and a legal team to assist you in obtaining the Golden Visa Residence Permit and investing wisely. You can focus on quality investments offered by our professionals at Questate. We have over 15 years of experience in real estate and have a wide net of properties to choose from all over Costa del Sol.

We will discuss in detail what are your preferences and family needs, advise on location, and help you find the best suitable options, may it be a freestanding villa surrounded by a private garden or townhouse with well maintained tropical community gardens and swimming pool or an apartment with an expansive terrace to enjoy magnificent panoramic views. Real estate properties can be in the town like Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona, Fuengirola and Sotogrande if you like to have shops, restaurants and city life conveniently by hand or choose the zen life at a coast front line to have an uninterrupted view of the sea ​​and direct access to the beach, hear the soothing sound of waves to enhance your wellbeing, further up to the mountains you have many golf courses and because it is elevated you have beautiful panoramic views opening to the mountains, the wide blue sea and manicured green golf fields. There are many houses to buy and real estate choices for each personal taste here inMarbella and through the wide Costa del Sol.

As you may have heard, navigating the Spanish bureaucracy can be time-consuming, unpredictable, and simply frustrating! At Questates, we helped the best way regarding Golden Visas and residence permits for many of our customers, making the process very easy for you. We think you will find using our services a worthwhile investment. please give us a call at +34 952 819 174 or click here to schedule a Free Consultation.

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