Costa del Sol: Quality of a Mediterranean Lifestyle


There are currently around 40,000 ex-pats living in Costa del Sol. It's the most popular European region for people seeking a higher quality of life. When you relocate to Costa del Sol, you'll enjoy a superior Mediterranean lifestyle. It's perfect for any age group and enriches every aspect of your daily life.

Costa del Sol


Sunshine and Relaxation


Everyone loves the freedom of warm, sunny days. In Costa del Sol, there are at least 320 of them every year. Even in the middle of winter the temperature is rarely less than 13°C. You won't encounter frosty days or freezing Arctic winds. The warm sunshine of Costa del Sol might even improve many health conditions. In Costa del Sol you can relax outside in the sunshine at any time of year.


Sea and Beaches


It's well-known that being at the seaside is therapeutic. Simply watching the waves rolling onto the beach can have a calming effect on your nerves. The Mediterranean Sea contributes to a slower pace of life. It helps you relax and take the time to admire the wonderful coastline of rocks and cliffs. The iodine content of the sea air is also beneficial. The award-winning beaches of Costa del Sol are some of the most hygienic in the world. Routine daily cleaning ensures the region's beaches are always tidy and attractive.

Costa del Sol beach

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Healthy Cuisine


The traditional Mediterranean dishes of the region are some of the healthiest. They often include locally caught sea food such as sea bass and mussels. A diet rich in sea food contains beneficial omega-3 and high-quality protein. There are regular farmers' markets in many towns. You'll find a delicious variety of fruit and vegetables that have just been harvested from nearby fields. The weather is warm enough to dine outside nearly every day. It's a Mediterranean tradition that makes family meals relaxed and enjoyable.

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Family Life

The Mediterranean lifestyle includes all the generations within a family. Everyone is welcome in Costa del Sol. Many ex-pats are retirees who enjoy the friendly, sociable atmosphere of the beachfront cafes and chiringuitos. But it's now a growing trend for younger ex-pats to be drawn to Costa del Sol. Parents are impressed by the high standards in the schools, Their children effortlessly learn a second language. Approximately 80% of ex-pats prefer to enroll their children in the free state schools. Alternatively, there are private schools offering an international curriculum.

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Outdoor Activities


Costa del Sol has interesting pursuits for people of all ages. They include more than 100 golf courses for amateur and professional players. There are also exciting theme parks for children. There are many outdoor pursuits such as scuba diving, parasailing, canyoning and pony trekking. There are hiking trails for all abilities. Alternatively, you can relax at the outdoor cafes or explore the historic Old Town. With such reliable, warm sunshine you can enjoy all types of outdoor activities in Costa del Sol throughout the year.


Exclusive Properties


There is an exciting range of luxury apartments and villas in Costa del Sol. They usually include balconies, terraces and open-plan designs that perfectly complement the Mediterranean lifestyle. At Questates, we have helped many ex-pats and their families relocate successfully to Costa del Sol. Every client benefits from our extensive knowledge of the local area. We can help you find any property in Costa del Sol, from a home with traditional architecture to a modern, gated community. With our friendly, personalized service, we'll instantly make you feel at home.