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How to buy in Spain


Questates is already on the web How to Buy in Spain, a fantastic source of information for foreigners who want to buy a home in Spain and need help to do so.

Why is this website so useful? Precisely because it was created by foreigners who bought houses in Spain and there they learned all the necessary steps for the purchase of the house, from the search of properties to the signature of the buy-sell.

If you browse the website you will find that you don’t only have information about hundreds of homes that are sold in Spain, but also you will find news on the Spanish real estate market, as well as tourist guides, reports, demographic and economic data ... and everything you need to know about a home and the place where it is located. All news are written in English and also translated into Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

In addition, you can subscribe to their newsletter and you will get periodically in your email all the information you need, without having to search it on the web.

Questates is already part of the real estate directory on the Costa del Sol that can help you find the house of your dreams. We are specialists in the whole area from Benalmadena to Sotogrande and we attend our clients in ten different languages: Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Russian, German, Italian, Polish, Slovak and Romanian.