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Why Count on a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Home


With so many convenient online portals offering real estate listings, potential buyers are often tempted to deal directly with the sellers rather than appoint an agent of their own. It can appear to be a solution that produces fast results in purchasing a dream home on the Costa del Sol while saving money that can be put towards the price of the property. However, there are many positive advantages to be gained in appointing a qualified real estate agent to act on your behalf when purchasing a beautiful villa or apartment in Málaga.


Finding Your Dream Home

There is an incredible choice of exclusive properties in and around Marbella, but they won't all suit your particular requirements when looking for a new home. It can be an exhausting, frustrating experience trying to find a property that is exactly right. By using a real estate agent, you can avoid wasting valuable time visiting properties that are unsuitable. An agent has extensive knowledge of the area and can instantly produce data regarding amenities and the type of properties you are likely to find in each street. Your search will become far more successful as your agent directs you to beautiful homes with the special qualities you are seeking.


A Helpful Network


Over the years, local real estate agents establish their own network of contacts. They very often know of desirable properties that have yet to be advertised on the open market, helping you to make a purchase that doesn't have the pressure of rival bids. Agents are trained to identify defects such as weak foundations or rotting timbers that you won't even consider because you're bound to be more interested in the interior decor. Through liaising with other professionals, your agent can help you appoint a competent surveyor to assess the true condition of your favourite property. And once aware of your financial situation, your agent can suggest the mortgage providers who can help you to finally realise the purchase of a home in Málaga.


Dealing with Legal Paperwork

The worst problem with trying to purchase a property without the help of a real estate agent is dealing with the vast amount of paperwork. If you are untrained in legal matters, you can quickly become entangled in difficulties, including being sued by the vendor if you decide not to complete a purchase. Your agent is well versed in conveyancing and knows how to safeguard you from potentially hazardous contracts, submitting unnecessary personal details and undue pressure from a seller's agent. Sending the right state, federal and local documents to the appropriate departments and sorting out any tax or other legal requirements is all taken care of by your agent. It's a worthwhile service that makes the entire process of buying a beautiful villa in Marbella safe and effortless from beginning to end.


Negotiating the Best Price


Everyone dreams of purchasing a wonderful property in Málaga at a bargain price, but you're unlikely to achieve it on your own. Vendors or their agents often take advantage of a buyer's lack of expertise, unfairly increasing the price as they wish. Your enthusiasm for purchasing a beautiful property can easily cloud your judgement, whereas a real estate agent remains clear thinking. Agents are highly skilled at negotiating and understand the values of all types of properties on the Costa del Sol, protecting you from being cheated. You can rely on your agent brokering the best financial outcome on your behalf.


Experience You can Trust


When you're searching for the home of your dreams in the resorts of Marbella and Málaga, you don't have to be alone. At Questates, our friendly team of estate agents has the experience and skills you can count on to help you find a beautiful villa or apartment at the best possible price. Our personalised service is of the highest quality, offering assistance in property searches, viewings and dealing with the legal and contractual complexities involved in purchasing a new home. You can trust us to help you find your dream home.