Cinemas original version Costa del Sol and Malaga

Cinemas in original version in la Costa del Sol and Malaga


Spain is one of the few countries in Europe where films are doubled, so we are used to going to the movies and watching Spanish films. However, in most countries around the world they watch the movies in the original version, that is, they watch the film in the language that has been originally recorded and follow it on their language through subtitles.

This is something that many tourists do not know and when they come to Spain they find that they cannot see most of the cinema billboard because they do not understand Spanish. However, there are several cinemas in la Costa del Sol and the province of Malaga that project films in original version, thanks to which tourists and foreigners who live here can continue to enjoy the seventh art.

Some of the cinemas that project films in V.O. Are as follows:

  • Plaza Mayor: The cinema of this large open-air shopping center has twenty halls in which approximately five films are projected each day in the original version. It is located in Málaga, in the Guadalmar area, at the C-344 exit of the A-7 Ronda del Oeste E-15 road.
  • Málaga Nostrum: This is a cinema located in the Malaga Mall Nostrum, in the polygon of Guadalhorce of Malaga. At least one of the films that are projected every day in this cinema are in the original version.
  • Albéniz: Albéniz cinema is a small and cozy cinema, with four rooms, and in at least two of them in each session they project a film in original version. This cinema is located in the famous Alcazabilla street of Málaga.
  • Ingenio: It is the cinema that is located in Vélez-Málaga, specifically in the El Ingenio Shopping Center, and here always include in its billboard at least one film in original version.
  • Teatro Goya: These are the cinemas that are located in Puerto Banús in Marbella. They always include at least one movie in the original version.
  • Miramar: The cinema that is in the Miramar Shopping Center of Fuengirola is in the same chain as El Ingenio, it has a total of 12 rooms, and there is always a movie in theaters for anyone who wants to watch the movies in the original version. To get to this cinema you have to take exit 208 from the A-7, at the height of Fuengirola.