Equestrian Art School Costa del Sol

Equestrian Art School Costa del Sol


The Equestrian School of the Costa del Sol, located in the municipality of Estepona, is one of the most prestigious equestrian centers in Spain. The recognition has been obtained thanks to the professionalism of the people who work there and the teaching method they use with the students.

The School of Equestrian Art has the prestigious certification of the British Horse Society and is officially recognized, with the qualification of 4 stirrups, by the Andalusian Federation of Equestrian.

The children's riding school is one of its most demanded products, since, in addition to teaching children to ride horses and lose their fear of this animal, they teach them the values ​​of riding and teach them to take responsibility and take care of Horse, so that the interaction with the animal is more rewarding. In addition, certified instructors have many years of experience and know how to make children learn to ride horses, be responsible and, above all, to enjoy this sport.

Adult classes are organized according to the purpose and needs of the rider. There are adults who want to prepare to compete and others who want to learn to ride for simple personal enjoyment. Well, the Equestrian School adapts to the requirements of each student.

In addition to teaching classes, many competitions are organized at the Equestrian School, such as jumping and dressage competitions, as well as horse shows and flamenco dancing with horses, all unique and truly precious.

Within the school grounds there is a pony club for children, a dressage track, a stables area with 148 boxes, a walker, a competition area of ​​7,000 m2 and a covered track with more than 1,200 seats. In addition, they have area for celebrations for events and private shows, as well as restaurant and horse-riding shop. And they also offer veterinary services, saddlery and blacksmithing.

As its name indicates, the School of Equestrian Art is a place where we can enjoy the art of equestrian in all its aspects, as well as shows of all kinds in which the horses are the protagonists.

If you have never attended any flamenco riding and dance show or if you want to know this idyllic place on the Costa del Sol, do not hesitate to go to see the School of Equestrian Art. It is less than an hour's drive from Malaga Airport on the A-7 to Estepona, so you have no excuse!