How to Sell Your House in Costa del Sol


Selling your home in Costa del Sol involves a great deal of paperwork. It's helpful if you assemble what you need before advertising your property. At Questates, we'll make the procedure easy. We also have home selling tips that can help you achieve an even faster sale.


Documents You will Need


When you sell your home in Costa del Sol, you'll need your passport and NIE number. You'll also need to find recent receipts for local tax payments and utility bills. Paperwork includes legal documents proving ownership, the condition of the building and its energy rating.


Occupancy Certificate: Cédula de habitabilidad

This document certifies your property meets the minimum requirement for comfortable living. It costs around €50, depending on your home's size.


Country Registry Document: Nota Simple

This describes your property and its size. It includes the precise location and the boundary. It should be up to date and list additional features such as an extension or swimming pool.


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Energy Performance Certificate: Certificado de la eficiencia energética

The EPC or CEE certificate is issued by a surveyor, architect or technical house engineer. Without this, the sale of your home won't be able to proceed.

Energy Performance Certificate Spain

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Local Property Tax: Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (IBI)

This document states how much tax you must pay the local authority for the year. It's dependent on the size, age and location of your property.

Local Property Tax Spain

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Escritura de compraventa

This is your property's Title Deeds. It catalogs all the owners and the amount of money the property sold for each time. The document will be updated when someone buys your home.

Public Purchase Sale Deed Spain

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Cadastral Certificate: Certificado catastral

A map style certificate that records the exact location of the property. It also states who owns the land.

Cadastral Certificate Spain

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Inspections for Older Properties


Older properties in Costa del Sol must have a Technical Building Inspection Certificate: Certificado de Inspección Técnica del Edificio (ITE). It proves the building's structure is in good condition. You'll need this document if your property is older than twenty-five years and it is in Mijas. If your home is in Estepona, the certificate is required after thirty years and in Marbella, it's fifty years. The Building Inspection documents must then be replaced every ten years.


Tips for Selling Your House


Tidying can improve your chances of selling your home quickly. It's important to make each room appear spacious. Place many of your possessions in storage and remove large items of furniture. Decluttering will help potential buyers realize the size of the rooms.

Redecorating your home in a pale, neutral color can help make it look larger, Use the same color throughout to create a sense of elegance and harmony. Show how versatile the rooms are by converting a spare bedroom into a home office.


When buyers visit the property, pull back the curtains to ensure they can see the fine views. Make sure the windows are spotlessly clean and open them to allow fresh air to circulate. In north facing rooms, it's helpful to illuminate shady corners with elegant lamps.


How to Sell Your Home Successfully


With expert guidance from Questates, you are sure to sell your home in Costa del Sol quickly and easily. We can help you locate copies of missing documents. We'll also contact the bank to establish an outstanding mortgage. We'll make selling your home in Costa del Sol seem fast and effortless.